Valikko Sulje

EVS Volunteer Story 2012

Hello, I briefly tell you about me and my decision of doing EVS in Finland.

I am Zhuzhuna, from Georgia; In 2007 graduated the University of Foreign Languages and got my BA in English Language and Literature. During my student time I was actively involved in various activities, majority of which was focused on children- their development, social improvement and educational programs in general. From my very first steps in this field I understood that working with children was only thing I wanted to do in my entire life, fortunately from 2006 onwards Georgia carried out fundamental changes and reforms in educational systems, that fact had enhanced my motivation to be involved in this filed. So shortly after graduating the University I have continued my studies and in 2010 got my MA in Education Management. All my working experience after that was related to children and educational projects, including Montessori Method implementation in Georgia, Bachelor Program Study Manager at the University etc.

I think I gained enough studying and working experience in Georgia and I have decided to have some European one in order to contribute my small part in the development of my country. Nowadays Georgia is one of the several countries who strives a lot for integration into European Union; authorities try to implement European experience and attitudes in every filed. That is why I have decided to come in Finland, which according my personal thoughts is highly developed and one of the most challenging country, I want to see what are the premises in education that later on leads a person to the successful career, how the system works here, what are the most significant problems of youth and how they are solved. I am happy to be given the opportunity to do something for Finnish youth, share my experience, discuss the existed ways of improvement and development and search new ones. Apart my educational background I will joyfully use my hobbies and interests in this process, I am good at painting, have some conceptual knowledge of drawing technics, I love music and literature a lot and I am deeply interested in Cinematography, I can speak in English, Italian and Russian languages.

Hopefully our collaboration will be fruitful for both of the parts.

With Love and Respect