Valikko Sulje

EVS Volunteer 2013

Syksyllä 2013 Sondipin EVS-vapaaehtoisena oli Merima Dzamdzic Bosniasta.

“My name is Merima Dzamdzic. I am from Bosnia and Hercegovina. I´m 22 years old. I finished my secondary medical school. I worked as a medical volunteer in the pharmacy for one year. I am a member of association  `THE LAKE`. My association deals with the protection of the environment and the lake.

Now I live in Finland and I work as a volunteer in SONDIP. I work with children, I teach them Bosnian language and I teach them to read and write, paint and draw. Also we play a variety of games. And I work with the older group of children to learn and prepare choreography traditional Bosnian games.  I am also working with children and womens in another associations.  I go to the Finnish language course. It is very,very nice to be a volunteer in this association because you meet a lot of children and people from different countries and you meet their culture and customs. And for me like younger girl it is very important to see different world and people.”