Valikko Sulje

EVS Volunteer 2012

I am Anuki Asatiani a volunteer from Georgia. In Georgia I have graduated the Rustaveli Cinema and Theatre University of Georgia, specialization of Cultural Manager. Immediately after the graduation I decided to carry our volunteer activities and do EVS, my decision was strongly influenced by the organization Youth Association Droni in which I had been working for several years. Droni is actively implements the projects focused on human rights, social education, conflict prevention, active civil life and youth involvement into important events of Georgia. Youth Association Droni is also notably active in EVS activities; right now 12 volunteers from different countries are involved in various activities and projects implemented by the organization. My huge interest in EVS derives from the interesting EVS activities of Youth Association Droni. I always wanted to see new places, meet new people, familiarize with new culture, show my tolerance to different people, share the problems of youth in different country, understand and realize their needs and requirements and help them in any way. To my mind, right here and right now I am given the possibility to do all this by means of working hard in Sondip. One of the most important aims of my coming here is to improve my language skills. I hope that, contact with different people and the experience that I can obtain here will help me to increase my volunteer skills and share my knowledge with others.