Valikko Sulje

EVS Volunteer 2014

Alexandra “Ola” Cialón

When I was a little girl and I was watching and reading Moomins I was wondering from which country this strangely wonderful tale is coming from. That time I didn’t know anything more about Finland, but through the years I get to know also Finnish architecture, design and movies.

Many years later I made my first trip to Finland to discover that this country indeed is as peaceful, friendly (and sometimes little strange) as Moomin Valley. I also heard Finnish language for the first time and I plan to learn it, since it was the most beautiful language I’ve ever heard. I could go on and on about things I love in Finland. Let’s just say I left my heart there and just waited for the opportunity to come back. So when my friend told my about EVS in Turku I send application and keep my fingers crossed.

I am here since two weeks and I already feel like home thanks to everybody who is taking care of me here and everybody I work with. I also started to discovering city of Turku, which seems to be friendly and full of cultural events.

Besides other activities I am planning my own projects in Together Association which is very exciting, because it allows me to do what I am most interested in. It’s just the beginning and I feel like it will only get better (I have no doubts about that, soon winter, the most beautiful time of the year, is coming!).