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EVS Volunteer 2016

Agnieszka Borowy from Poland

I’ve been in Sondip since September 2016. Working for this organisation as a volunteer has provided me with loads of opportunities. I’ve gained new experience, met fantastic people and practiced my Finnish language skills. As a volunteer I have worked as a teacher and an event organizer in Sondip and Yhdessä-yhdistys (one of Sondip’s member organizations). I’ve taught English, Finnish, zumba and poi performance art.

This experience has given me courage and a chance to meet people of different ethnic backgrounds. I’m more self-aware now and know, what I want to do in the future. I’ve also participated in many multicultural events, both as a helper and as a coordinator. Due to the fact that I want to be an event organizer in the future, event managing has been the most important experience for me so far. I’m surprised, how much I’ve actually been able to do independently in Sondip and Yhdessä-yhdistys. Even though I’m „just a volunteer”, these organizations have given me both freedom and support in implementation of different projects. Working in Sondip has strengthened my belief that I want to stay in Finland for longer.

Being in Sondip has also given me a chance to explore Turku. The city gives you a lot of opportunities to spend your time actively and have fun. I’ve definitely fallen in love with this place.