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Voluntary work

Become a volunteer?

Are you looking for something enjoyable to do? Do you have a skill you would like to practise or an idea you would like to put into action? Do you want to get to know new people and gain valuable experience in association activities? Through volunteering, you can familiarize yourself with Sondip activities, and at the same time offer you a unique opportunity to do meaningful work in Turku. 

We are mainly looking volunteers for event planning, ideas, and organising, but we also welcome other suggestions. As a volunteer at Sondip, you can take part in individual events or join us for longer periods. You can contact Sondip if you are interested in volunteering or have questions about the organisation or direction of volunteer work. As an event volunteer you can peek behind the scenes of the event and gain practical experience in the field. At the same time, you can grow your network and become acquainted with like-minded people.

Become a EVS Volunteer?

Sondip is part of the European Volunteer Service (EVS), which offers young people the opportunity to volunteer abroad. EVS is a program for people aged 18 to 30 offering opportunities to volunteer internationally 

EVS is supported volunteer work lasting 6-12 months in a European or neighbouring country The purpose of the volunteer service is to increase young people’s work and life experience, provide opportunities for independence, familiarise them with association work and increase their networking potential. Volunteering provides an excellent opportunity to gain more work experience, to explore new environments and learn new skills. 

More information on EVS can be found here.

Read about Sondip’s volunteer experiences on our blog.

Interested in volunteering: contact us through our contact form.