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SONDIP – The United Multicultural Association of South-West Finland is an organization promoting Finnish multiculturalism, which currently has 20 member associations, set up in 2006. SONDIP is involved in influencing decision-making by participating in public meetings and work groups at both the national and municipal level. The aim of the association is to increase the visibility of membership associations and to promote interaction and cooperation between authorities and multicultural associations.

SONDIP is a prominent multicultural figure, representing a large immigrant field, channeling knowledge, know-how and expertise in associations as well as promoting networking at the local, national and international level. SONDIP acts as an expert, gives opinions, educates, communicates and cooperates with a multiprofessional networks. The objective of the association is to:

  • Develop integration and immigrant services by channelling information on needs and cooperation opportunities,
  • Increasing the visibility of immigrant and multicultural associations in society,
  • Enhancing interaction and cooperation between member organisations as well as between authorities and multicultural associations,
  • Advocacy and support of member associations,
  • Promoting and defending human rights and equality,
  • Promoting internationalism

The important values for SONDIP are equality, transparency and effectiveness. These values describe the things that are particularly important in our operation. These values direct our everyday work and are taken into account in all activities that the organisation takes part in.


Our activities promote equal treatment, democracy and equal opportunities for all.


All of our operations are transparent and our decisions are justified. Our work is visible to our members and participation in the association’s activities has been made as simple and attractive as possible.




We create influencing opportunities and act as an active and respected expert and advocate in multicultural issues.