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Member Associations

SONDIP – The Multicultural Association of Southwest Finland consists of 24 member associations. All members are independent registered societies that work in multiculturalism. The Association can be joined by nationally registered associations operating in accordance with our values, which are approved by the Board of the Association. To find out more about how to become a member, see here.

ABC Nuorisotoiminta ry

The purpose of the association is to maintain the cultural identity of the Russian youths and children who live in Finland as well as preserving cultural traditions, promoting cultural exchange and prevent youth’s drug use.  The association also goes by the name SFERA culture and sports center. They have diverse activities such as camps, clubs and themed evenings. The center is located in Varissuo.


Albaaniyhdistys Bashkimi ry

Established in 1998, Albaaniyhdistys Baskimi ry’s main goal is the preservation of their own language, culture and identity in a new environment. The association especially strives to support the knowledge of their history and roots of the children and youths born in Finland. The association organizes music nights and various sport activities.


Bosnialaisten Kulttuurikeskus Suomessa ry

Bosnialaisten kulttuurikeskus Suomessa ry was established in Turku in 2002.

The association aims to maintain their language and culture, enhance integration to the Finnish society and work against racism and prejudice.

They also organise parties, events, camps and sport and leisure clubs.


Bosnialaisten vankileiriyhdistys ry

The association supports people who have been in the prison camp during the Bosnian war.

Kynnys ry

The Threshold Association is a cross-disability organization, which focuses on the basic and human rights of persons with disabilities. The Threshold Association works to guarantee the equal rights of persons with disabilities in Finnish society and on international level, supports and activates persons with disabilities to advocate for their own rights, influences officials and other authorities to consider the needs of people with disabilities when making decisions and acts as an expert on disability issues.


Monikulttuurinen päivähoito, koulu ja koti ry (MPKK ry)

MPKK ry was established in Turku in 1996. The goal of the association is to evoke conversations and impact questions about cultural and language minorities, especially those pertaining to immigrants, daycare and school.

Website, Facebook group

Suomen Irakilainen seura ry

Independent of religion and politics the association aims to break the barriers between Finnish and Iraqi people.

The association organises trips and parties among others.

Suomen Ukrainalaiset ry

Our association was founded in November 2009 in the finnish city of Turku in purpose to unite and represent Ukrainians living in Finland, preserve and popularise Ukrainian people’s cultural heritage, acquaint Finnish society with traditions, history and culture of Ukraine.

Website, Facebook

Suomen Rauhanpuolustajain Turun piirijärjestö ry

The ideological bases for the operation are the highlighted ideals of humane, anti-war and international joint responsibility. The association works to promote peace, disarmament, tolerance, human rights and universal equality.


Turun Afganistanilainen Nuorisokulttuuriseura ry

The purpose of the association is to help the Afghans of Turku to maintain their culture and cultural heritage. They also aim to improve the cultural exchange between the Afghan, the Finnish and other groups living in Finland.

They also have dance, music and sport groups and organise events and language classes.


Turun Kurdiyhdistys ry

The association organises parties and events as well as classes on their language and culture.


Turun Naiskeskus ry

Turku Women’s Centre offers a multicultural activities and support for women. Their main goal is to enhance the people’s welfare and equality in society.


Turun Nigeria Yhdistys ry

Turun Venäläinen Klubi ry

The aim of the association is to help the Russian-speaking people in Turku to integrate into the Finnish society while maintaining their culture and language.

The association organises cultural, educational, publicity and project activities and works with children, youths and pensioners.

Website, Facebook

Turun vietnamilaisten kulttuurikerho ry

Turun vietnamilaisten kulttuurikerho was established in 1989 with the goal of maintaining vietnamese culture by teaching Vietnamese language and culture. At the same time the association aids vietnamese people in integrating into the finnish culture and society.

Website,  Facebook

The United Nations of Turku Associations 

The United Nations of Turku Associations is a non-profit, non-political organization established in 1963 to promote international and national rapport and the peaceful activities of the peoples. The association promotes the goals and principles of the UN by reporting on the UN and other international questions.


Umu’IGBO Finland ry

Umu’IGBO Finland ry is cultural group from Eastern part of Nigeria. The association main purpose is to promote culture and language. They have different events like celebrating the different Igbo cultural activities, music, dance, food.

Varsinais-Suomen Afganilaisten Kulttuuriseura ry

The association organises events and language classes.

Website, Facebook

Varsinais-Suomen Virokeskus ry

Varsinais-Suomen Viro-keskus ry is an association of Estonia’s friends. The association promotes Estonia in Finland and Finland in Estonia. The association provides tourist information on Estonia, organizes events, seminars, concerts and trips as well as various projects.

Website,  FacebookGoogle+

Yhdessä-yhdistys ry

Together Association ry was established in 1998 by Finns and immigrants. The goal of the association is to promote diversity, support social integration and improve the job opportunities of immigrants. The association maintains the Intercultural Center in Varissuo, as multicultural meeting place.


Turku Nepal Association ry

Turku Nepal Association (TNA) was established in 2014 as a nonprofit organization with the aim of organizing cultural and social events to promote Nepal and Nepalese community residing in Turku, Finland.

Website, Facebook

StepEurope ry

StepEurope ry is a youth focused international organisation that was established in 2015. 

The organisation’s main objective is to activate young people and help them to develop their potential. To achieve this objective, they arrange youth exchanges, organize and participate in workshops and training, have regular meetings and offer internship and volunteer work. 


Uuden ajan somalinaiset ry

Uuden ajan somalinaiset ry was established in 2018. The association organises activities for children, youths and women in Lauste, Turku.

The main goal of the association is to improve the welfare of women, children and youths by arrainging various clubs and support groups.

The United Artist ry

The goal of the association is to help the young chefs, musicians, singers, comedians, photographers, models and performers in South-West Finland to reach a more extensive audience and to bring forth their work and expertise.

The association also organises ethnic catering, art shows, model and performance training, fashion shows, open mic nights and dance performances.

Website, Facebook

Turun Seudun Inkeri-seura ry

Turun Seudun Inkeri-seura was established in 1993. The purpose of the association is to act as a bond between the Ingrians living in Finland and people interested in Ingrian culture.

The goal of the association is to improve the knowledge of Ingrian culture, monitor the interest of their members and improve their common economical, cultural, spiritual ja social endeavours as well as advance the help provided to the Ingrians arriving to the country. 

They organise events, fairs and exhibits as well as clubs and trips for children and young people. They also have a singing group called Orvokki.

The association has a help desk in Turku (Kousankuja 5 A) that provides information on health and more.