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Completed projects

Sondip provided the City of Turku with the services of two childcare professionals. The childcare professionals worked at the Työväenopisto during the Finnish language course for stay-at-home mothers.

The source project was a project funded by the Ministry of Education for 7-17 year old immigrant children and youths. The aim of the project was to develop the social skills of young people, to prevent exclusion and loneliness, to support the activities of art groups, to guide young people into services provided by the city, to learn intercultural interaction and to cooperate with youth clubs, schools and parents, themed events, to take advantage of ones own language skills.

Sondip has been involved in developing and implementing the Everyday skills modules along with the “Involved in Finland” project. On the course, immigrants are taught everyday skills in their native language, which include, among others, social affairs, housing, etc. Sondip has implemented modules as a service in Kurdish, Arabic and English.

Sondip arranges guidance for immigrants in education and employment matters. An employee receives customers at the te-office from Monday to Friday between 11.30 and 15.30. The employee advises you on job search, education, and other issues of employment and education in your area. Reserve your time in advance.

Makosa supports the basic activities of immigrant and multicultural associations so that they can fulfil their legal obligations and develop their own activities. Associations are supported, among other things, through the organisation of training and counselling related to association activities. Activities related to Makosa ended on 30.7.2020. Makosa also does publicity work: internal, inter-association, between authorities and associations, networking, and media and event publicity. Through various events we bring visibility to the associations in Turku and we offer them the opportunity to develop their own activities. Makosa was funded by STEA.