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Sondip membership can be attained by an association working in multiculturalism.

How to become a member?

  • Discuss Sondip membership in your association’s board meeting. Decide who will be the representatives of your association are in Sondip.
  • Send an email to or directly to Sondip board members. In the email, give your association’s name and what you do.
  • Please attach the rules of your association to the email as well as the transcript of the Board meeting where you have decided to apply for Sondip membership and mention the names of the representatives.

The application will be submitted to the Sondip Board and you will be notified of our decision as soon as possible. You will also receive payment instructions. The current joining fee for Sondip is 50 € and the membership fee is 30 € / year.

As a member, you have the following benefits:

  • You have the opportunity to influence Sondip’s activities and projects.
  • You will have your own representative in the Sondip Board.
  • Members can use Sondip’s premises (Hämeenkatu 15, 20500 Turku) to arrange their own meetings and events for free. Facilities include a conference room and a kitchen.
  • Members have the right to participate in various events, some of which are for members only. The Makosa operation supports member associations financially.
  • You will gain more visibility for your association and network in the multicultural association field of Turku and Southwest Finland.
  • The possibility of creating joint projects with other associations

The Chairman

Edvina Hafizovic

+358 50 5213 421