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Makosa supports the basic activities of immigrant and multicultural associations so that they can fulfil their legal obligations and develop their own activities. Associations are supported, among other things, through the organisation of training and counselling related to association activities. Makosa also does publicity work: internal, inter-association, between authorities and associations, networking, and media and event publicity. Through various events we bring visibility to the associations in Turku and we offer them the opportunity to develop their own activities.

We will also help and advise on the creation of new associations, association activities, and we will arrange training on various branches of association activity. You can book Makosa employees for a personal association consultation, contact information below.

Cooperation: with associations and authorities, network meetings, training, seminars and cultural events

Support: Developing expertise in multicultural associations; courses, consulting and personal guidance

Publicity: channelling associations’ expertise, needs and information, Network Email, Event publicity


Makosa Executive Director

Arjan Myftari

+358 400 547112


Makosa Operations Advisor

Marianne Sirkiä

+358 405274114