Sondip ry on mukana Eurooppalaisessa vapaaehtoispalvelussa (EVS), joka tarjoaa nuorille mahdollisuuden tehdä vapaaehtoistyötä ulkomailla.

Vuosi 2016-2017

Long term EVS, Turku, Finland

Eka Bitsadze from Georgia

Sondipissa on tällä hetkellä georgialainen vapaaehtoityöntekijä Eka Bitsadze 22v.
Since October 2016, I moved to Finland for a year. After living 4 months far away home in a different land I can sum up and tell you a few things how goes Finnish life here and what means being foreigner and EVS volunteer.
Mainly I work in one of the biggest, let’s say umbrella organization in the south-west coast city, called Turku. It’s very beautiful city, not big but with lots of teen spirit. Typically Finnish life is very different from my culture and every day is just different page of the book, it’s a huge learning process and uncounted experience. 

Youth Association DRONI is my sending organization. Sondip ry. the Union of Multicultural Associations in South-West Finland is my hosting organization which promoting multiculturalism in Finnish society. I work here every working day from 10.00 till 17.00. Sometimes there are some events organized by other organizations and I help them as well. After October many events took already place in different organizations and I was involved as one of the organizer. Once I organized Georgian Cultural evening with Georgian food, wine, and real Georgian spirit. Besides this I have English class once in a week, me and another Finnish colleague of mine plan and organize it for adults who want improving English language skills. I also try to improve my Finnish language skills and learn some basic Finnish which is useful for the communications with locals.
Now I can say that I am quite lucky. Good things don’t come very often, so we have to grab it definitely. I think that this project was one of the best great decisions in my life. This project gives me an opportunity of meeting Santa, visiting Lapland, traveling by ferry from Finland to Sweden, doing some crazy things which I have never done before, for instance, jumping into the snow after Sauna, I had first experience of ice-skating, ice swimming and Zumba. I attended on arrival training in Kokkola and spent one unforgettable week at the beach of the frozen Baltic Sea. I met so many nice EVS volunteers from different countries and share our experience and expectations each other.So, proudly say that I have an unusual and very different life here. So if you (who are reading this article right now) look for an adventure and would like to change your life, it’s your turn, find EVS and go! Don’t waste the time!

P.S. for those who don’t know EVS – follow the link http://europa.eu/youth/evs_database or contact CIMO





Agnieszka Borowy from Poland

I’ve been in Sondip since September 2016. Working for this organisation as a volunteer has provided me with loads of opportunities. I’ve gained new experience, met fantastic people and practiced my Finnish language skills. As a volunteer I have worked as a teacher and an event organizer in Sondip and Yhdessä-yhdistys (one of Sondip’s member organizations). I’ve taught English, Finnish, zumba and poi performance art. This experience has given me courage and a chance to meet people of different ethnic backgrounds. I’m more self-aware now and know, what I want to do in the future. I’ve also participated in many multicultural events, both as a helper and as a coordinator. Due to the fact that I want to be an event organizer in the future, event managing has been the most important experience for me so far. I’m surprised, how much I’ve actually been able to do independently in Sondip and Yhdessä-yhdistys. Even though I’m „just a volunteer”, these organizations have given me both freedom and support in implementation of different projects. Working in Sondip has strengthened my belief that I want to stay in Finland for longer.
Being in Sondip has also given me a chance to explore Turku. The city gives you a lot of opportunities to spend your time actively and have fun. I’ve definitely fallen in love with this place.










Vuosi 2014

Alexandra ”Ola” Cialón

”When I was a little girl and I was watching and reading Moomins I was wondering from which country this strangely wonderful tale is coming from. That time I didn’t know anything more about Finland, but through the years I get to know also Finnish architecture, design and movies.

Many years later I made my first trip to Finland to discover that this country indeed is as peaceful, friendly (and sometimes little strange) as Moomin Valley. I also heard Finnish language for the first time and I plan to learn it, since it was the most beautiful language I’ve ever heard. I could go on and on about things I love in Finland. Let’s just say I left my heart there and just waited for the opportunity to come back. So when my friend told my about EVS in Turku I send application and keep my fingers crossed.

I am here since two weeks and I already feel like home thanks to everybody who is taking care of me here and everybody I work with. I also started to discovering city of Turku, which seems to be friendly and full of cultural events.

Besides other activities I am planning my own projects in Together Association which is very exciting, because it allows me to do what I am most interested in. It’s just the beginning and I feel like it will only get better (I have no doubts about that, soon winter, the most beautiful time of the year, is coming!).”

Vuosi 2013

Syksyllä 2013 Sondipin EVS-vapaaehtoisena oli Merima Dzamdzic Bosniasta.

”My name is Merima Dzamdzic. I am from Bosnia and Hercegovina. I´m 22 years old. I finished my secondary medical school. I worked as a medical volunteer in the pharmacy for one year. I am a member of association  `THE LAKE`. My association deals with the protection of the environment and the lake.

Now I live in Finland and I work as a volunteer in SONDIP. I work with children, I teach them Bosnian language and I teach them to read and write, paint and draw. Also we play a variety of games. And I work with the older group of children to learn and prepare choreography traditional Bosnian games.  I am also working with children and womens in another associations.  I go to the Finnish language course. It is very,very nice to be a volunteer in this association because you meet a lot of children and people from different countries and you meet their culture and customs. And for me like younger girl it is very important to see different world and people.”


Vuosi 2012

”Hello, I briefly tell you about me and my decision of doing EVS in Finland.

I am Zhuzhuna, from Georgia; In 2007 graduated the University of Foreign Languages and got my BA in English Language and Literature. During my student time I was actively involved in various activities, majority of which was focused on children- their development, social improvement and educational programs in general. From my very first steps in this field I understood that working with children was only thing I wanted to do in my entire life, fortunately from 2006 onwards Georgia carried out fundamental changes and reforms in educational systems, that fact had enhanced my motivation to be involved in this filed. So shortly after graduating the University I have continued my studies and in 2010 got my MA in Education Management. All my working experience after that was related to children and educational projects, including Montessori Method implementation in Georgia, Bachelor Program Study Manager at the University etc.

I think I gained enough studying and working experience in Georgia and I have decided to have some European one in order to contribute my small part in the development of my country. Nowadays Georgia is one of the several countries who strives a lot for integration into European Union; authorities try to implement European experience and attitudes in every filed. That is why I have decided to come in Finland, which according my personal thoughts is highly developed and one of the most challenging country, I want to see what are the premises in education that later on leads a person to the successful career, how the system works here, what are the most significant problems of youth and how they are solved. I am happy to be given the opportunity to do something for Finnish youth, share my experience, discuss the existed ways of improvement and development and search new ones. Apart my educational background I will joyfully use my hobbies and interests in this process, I am good at painting, have some conceptual knowledge of drawing technics, I love music and literature a lot and I am deeply interested in Cinematography, I can speak in English, Italian and Russian languages.

Hopefully our collaboration will be fruitful for both of the parts.

With Love and Respect


”I am Anuki Asatiani a volunteer from Georgia. In Georgia I have graduated the Rustaveli Cinema and Theatre University of Georgia, specialization of Cultural Manager. Immediately after the graduation I decided to carry our volunteer activities and do EVS, my decision was strongly influenced by the organization Youth Association Droni in which I had been working for several years. Droni is actively implements the projects focused on human rights, social education, conflict prevention, active civil life and youth involvement into important events of Georgia. Youth Association Droni is also notably active in EVS activities; right now 12 volunteers from different countries are involved in various activities and projects implemented by the organization. My huge interest in EVS derives from the interesting EVS activities of Youth Association Droni. I always wanted to see new places, meet new people, familiarize with new culture, show my tolerance to different people, share the problems of youth in different country, understand and realize their needs and requirements and help them in any way. To my mind, right here and right now I am given the possibility to do all this by means of working hard in Sondip. One of the most important aims of my coming here is to improve my language skills. I hope that, contact with different people and the experience that I can obtain here will help me to increase my volunteer skills and share my knowledge with others.”