As an outsourcing service, Sondip ry produces Infotori activity that is counseling for immigrants. Infotori is located in Skanssinkatu 10 (Skanssi centre, 2nd floor).

The objective is to provide information and consultation in the customer’s native language and to give an answer to various problems and questions the immigrants might have. The representative of your own culture can give information intelligibly, and he or she can act as peer-to-peer support person when an immigrant is integrating in Finnish society. The services are intended for immigrants who reside in Turku and in the nearest municipalities. Everyone will be served, regardless of the background of their entry.

Assistance and guidance is offered regarding e.g. following matters:

1. economic matters and social security
2. residence permit and citizenship
3. working life
4. housing
5. education
6. legal issues
7. filling in various documents and forms You are welcomed to the counseling office directly during the office hours, or by appointment made in advance.

Infotori’s Lead Advisor Marina Mgvdeladze Tel. 040 175 9584

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