MAKOSA is about supporting the operation of immigrant and multicultural associations in order to be able to deal with the legal obligations and to develop their daily activity. The associations are supported by e.g. organizing trainings/classes related to association work and activity as well as through consultation sessions as needed. Furthermore, MAKOSA deals also with the informing as a tool: internal informing, inter-association informing, informing between authorities and associations; network informing, and media and event informing. By organizing and taking part in different events, we increase our associations’ visibility in Turku and offer them a chance to develop their operations/activities. Nevertheless, MAKOSA allows us to act as facilitators by following the consulting sessions that we offer also to establishing/founding associations on the path they have to follow during their activity, and by giving room to participate in the training/classes we organize on various subjects related to the daily work of an association.

COOPERATION Between associations and authorities, network meetings, education, seminars, and cultural events

SUPPORT Developing the know-how of multicultural associations; courses, consultation, and individual guidance

INFORMING Channeling the expertise, needs and knowledge of the associations networking by e-mail, information on events

MAKOSA workers have their office hours in Varissuo, at Together Association, Nisse Kavon katu 3, downstairs in the library, on Tuesdays from 8am to 4pm. We approach our member associations by offering general orientation and consulting regarding their activity, especially when it comes to the allowance applications and with other relevant issues.