SONDIP – The Union of Multicultural Associations in South-West Finland

Founded in 2006, The Union of Multicultural Associations in South-West Finland is a union promoting multiculturalism in Finnish society.
The union aims to promote the visibility of multicultural associations and to increase cooperation and interaction between different actors.

Currently Sondip has 19 member associations. Our activities consist of several projects and the production of different outsourcing services. Our main mission is to support and promote our member associations.

Sondip participates in decision making by engaging in authoritative meetings and workshops both nationally and municipally.
The objective of the union is also to increase visibility of the immigrant and multicultural associations in society and to increase interaction and cooperation among member associations and between authorities and multicultural associations.

In What we do, you’ll find more information on Sondip’s activity and on our ongoing projects.
The office is open from Mon to Fri from 8am to 4pm